Coping with Shared Custody?

Finally a kids book to help.


” I help divorced parents and their kids survive and thrive in their shared custody or split family living situations ” — DK Simoneau

Know a divorced family?  It seems that we all do.  With DK’s book and other tools on this website, now you can help them heal from the pain of divorce and learn to live in their split family living situation more effectively.  Start by getting a copy of the beautifully illustrated book, We’re Having A Tuesday.  Inside you’ll read the story of a young girl going through the pain and confusion of her own parents’ divorce.  You’ll also find pages to help facilitate converstation with the child in your life about their own frustrations.  Learn more about how this tool can help a child in your life learn to cope with divorce and split family living by Clicking Here .  Browse articles and numerous tips on how to help children and families live in split families more effectively.



On the Outside Looking In: How to Make a Difference for a Child of Divorce even as a Bystander


compressedDK_2014_12.jpgDK Simoneau is an award winning children’s book author and has offered advice on divorced parenting in numerous publications and on various programs, including the CBS Early Show. She grew up as a child of divorce and now is a real-life divorced mother of two. Her experiences on both sides of divorce have given her the ability to relate to both the parents and the children of split-family situations.  Though not an advocate of divorce, she quickly realized how fast split-family living had become commonplace.  She is now a devoted authority on living ‘split-family’ more effectively.  The noticeable changes in her own children on transition days motivated her to create tools to help facilitate conversation between children and on-looking adults.   She also enjoys writing stories that help children express their feelings or inspire them to dream and use their zany, whimsical imaginations. Her second title, Santa’s (Zany, Wacky, Just Not Right!) Night before Christmas is now available. Meanwhile in her spare time, she enjoys traveling, dancing, and sharing time with her own 2 kids in Lakewood, Colorado.

Was improbable to renew its contract following it leads to 2019.

The red tide – an algal bloom that turns the ocean water red and makes seafood toxic – is a common, recurring phenomenon in southern Chile normally, though scientists say rising water temperatures could be making them even more frequent. Stocks and shares in Chilean salmon farmer Invermar, being among the most suffering from the outbreak, dropped almost 6 % in mid-morning trading, to 110 pesos . In a recently available filing, the company said it had dropped 1,600 tonnes of salmon, the same as approximately $8 mil, though it said its procedure as well as the losses were insured.. Express Scripts says likely to lose top client Anthem – Pharmacy benefit supervisor Express Scripts Keeping Co stated Anthem Inc, its biggest customer and one which provides sued the ongoing company more than statements to be overcharged, was improbable to renew its contract following it leads to 2019. Continue reading

Can Value-Based Deals Work if Patients Dont Take the Drug?

Value for worth? Obtaining the adherence facet of value-based prices deals correct is merely the first rung on the ladder, though. It still continues to be an open issue if value-based offers can in fact deliver the type of savings and worth they promise. Against a backdrop of the broader debate on drug prices, it really is tempting to find out value-based payments being a neat solution. But professionals say these plans are even more of a supplement when compared to a panacea, a genuine way to broaden market conversation on medication value and better understand real life efficacy. Continue reading

Susan Love on wishful thinking & breast cancer Discover Dr.

Dr. Susan Love on wishful thinking & breast cancer Discover Dr . We use wishful thinking with regards to breasts cancer screening suggestions. We get irritated at professionals who reveal studies also show that mammography is definitely less good for ladies in their 40s. We concentrate on the theory that only if every woman got regular mammograms every tumor would be discovered early and cured. This ignores the biology of breast cancer, which tells us that we now have at least five or six different varieties of breast cancer that grow at different rates. Of arguing about testing suggestions rather, we have to encounter the technology and concentrate on avoidance squarely, so that we are able to learn how in order to avoid cancers to begin with.?.. Continue reading

Including a forensic psychiatrist.

The students, since it turned out, had been relatively similarly divided between moderate – to high-risk, and low-risk, based on two scales which the group created and validated in prior study. There have been significant differences altogether scores between your low-risk and high-risk groupings. The device learning algorithm that this researchers developed attained an accuracy price of 91.02 %, considered excellent, when working with interview content to predict threat of college violence. The speed risen to 91.45 % when demographic and socioeconomic data were added. ‘The device learning algorithm, based just about the participant’s interview, was nearly as accurate in assessing risk levels as a complete assessment by our research group, including gathering information from parents as well as the educational college, overview of records when obtainable, and scoring in both scales we developed,’ says Yizhao Ni, Ph.D., a computational scientist within the department of biomedical informatics at Cincinnati Children’s and co-author of the analysis. Continue reading

Drugmaker Vectura warns of destocking hit.

Peel Hunt experts had forecast 22 % development. Vectura said it could cut study and advancement spending for 2017 to 60-70 mil pounds from previous assistance of 65-75 mil. At 0925 GMT, its stocks were down 11.6 % at 96.45 pence, striking a four-year low of 93 after.55 pence. The business said its reduction before tax widened to 44. 5 million pounds in the half a year finished June 30, up from a lack of 22.4 million pounds in the same period this past year, because of higher amortization expenses linked to the takeover offer. Continue reading

A lot of women should get one or the various other at regular intervals simply.

In addition, it says women youthful than 21 and the ones more than 65 who’ve had adequate testing earlier and so are not in danger for cervical malignancy don’t need the tests. The duty force conducted an assessment of clinical trials and computer modeling for the most recent assessment. It driven that ‘co-testing,’ as it’s known as, increased the amount of follow-up lab tests ladies underwent by as very much as twofold without enhancing the recognition of irregular cells that are likely to trigger cervical cancer. Such follow-up diagnostic work-ups could be problematic, resulting in genital bleeding and infection or fertility problems down the road, said Dr. Carol Mangione, an initial treatment doctor and teacher of open public wellness at UCLA, who is usually an associate of the duty push and helped develop the suggestion. Continue reading

Beneath the Choose Your Speed approach on offer this full year.

Beneath the Choose Your Speed approach on offer this full year, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services allows clinicians to check the machine by reporting using one quality measure for just one individual through paper-based claims. Make sure to append an excellent Data Code towards the state form for treatment offered up to December. 31, 2017, to avoid a charges in payment yr 2019 . Think about this measure: Measure #111: Pneumococcal Vaccination Position for Old AdultsThis measure is definitely targeted at capturing the %age of individuals older 65 years and old who’ve ever received a pneumococcal vaccine. Continue reading

Using the virus introduced multiple occasions before it had been recognized.

He said arises from the product sales will be break up between paying off debt and talk about buybacks most likely. Some analysts have lobbied for the separation of the business to make worth.S. Regulators because of its Esmya uterine fibroids treatment, in August expected. Saunders said audience may possibly need to hold back out that decision before completing a offer. The business recalled a whole lot of its Taytulla contraceptive pills also, that have been packaged with placebo pills in the incorrect order.. Miami’s Zika Outbreak Began Months Before It Was First Detected Last year’s Zika outbreak in Miami most likely were only available in the springtime of 2016, using the virus introduced multiple occasions before it had been recognized, researchers say. Continue reading

The Globe Organisation for Pet Wellness said on Friday.

Zimbabwe reports H5N8 bird flu at poultry farm: OIE PARIS – Zimbabwe offers reported an outbreak of highly pathogenic H5N8 parrot flu in a commercial chicken plantation in Mashonaland East province, the Globe Organisation for Pet Wellness said on Friday. The virus was detected on the farm with 2 million birds in Lanark and killed 7,845 animals. Continue reading

Being hungry shuts off perception of chronic pain Pain could be dear.

A lot of the credit cards offered cash or factors, but several resulted in loss. This designed the much longer each participant thought we would play each circular, the greater they helped one individual they like and place your partner at risk. Each participant performed 48 rounds. Before playing, each participant finished a 28-item questionnaire that gauged their feelings toward the friend and mother or father they chose. Overall, the individuals had been recommended with the studies got solid, positive emotions toward both, but typically, the participants sensed their interactions with friends had been stronger. Continue reading