Meet DK Simoneau

DK Simoneau is a Colorado native. She was born in Wheatridge, and currently resides in Lakewood. In high school she was the co-editor of the high-school newspaper and had aspirations of being a television journalist. Somewhere along the way she became disillusioned about having to interview person after person and in college she opted to put her passion for writing aside and major in accounting. Eventually she received her degree in accounting, got married, had a nice governmental accounting career, had two children and that was supposed to be all she wrote so to speak.

But life didn’t quite go as DK expected. When her children were just 1 and 3 she found her marriage to be not working out the way she’d imagined. She was torn by the prospect of putting her children through the two-household way of life, or raising them in what was becoming a difficult and at times very tense environment. She and her ex-husband decided that they ought to know what they were getting ready to ask their children to do. So, they left the children in the family house, and she and her ex traveled back and forth between the family house and an alternate residence.

DK soon discovered it wasn’t going to be an easy life for her children. After all, if she didn’t like waking up in a different bed every few days how would her children feel? …And just where were those black suede pumps anyway? Eventually she and her ex-husband decided that it was getting to be too much and that it was going to have to be the kids that made the transition. During this entire time, DK was in search of a book that might help her kids understand this new way of life.

As the years went on, DK noticed that whenever the kids came back from their Dad’s, and another set of routines and rules, that they seemed to have a bit of trouble adjusting. They were always grouchy or struggling on those days. Again, DK went in search of a book to help. She was again disappointed when the books she found really focused on the fault issue of divorce, but not the coping with the day to day life.

Finally, DK decided to take those writing skills and put them to use. As she enjoyed reading books to her kids she also began to enjoy making up stories, sometimes writing them down. Eventually she determined that she really wanted to make a difference in this world. She thought maybe writing children’s books that could help children relate to real-life scenarios or stimulate their curiosity in reading might fill that want.

DK’s published her first book, We’re Having a Tuesday, in order to fill the void of the missing resource for her own kids’ divorced parent situation. Her second book, Santa’s (Zany, Wacky, Just Not Right!) Night Before Christmas is set to be released this holiday season.