DK Simoneau is available to do speaking to groups

Appropriate group settings might include, church gatherings, teacher’s conferences, family counseling and therapist seminars, schools, library discussions, parenting groups and classes, independent publishing conferences, writing and illustrating groups.

Topics Include:

Tuesdays in the Classroom:  DK Simoneau can come to your classroom or school library setting.  DK’s talk is about 45 minutes allowing time for questions.  She spends a little time discussing different kinds of books and how sometimes they can be resources for events in life.  She reads the book and has a very brief discussion about kids and divorce and why she wrote the book.  Then she spends the majority of the time discussing all of the steps, and persistance, that were needed in order to self-publish this book.  She shares original artwork and original edited manuscripts with the group.

Transition Tuesdays: How to make the transition between homes easier on the adults and the kids.

We’re Having a Tuesday Workshop:  Using “We’re Having a Tuesday” to facillitate conversation with kids.

Turning Point Tuesday:  Thinking of separating?  How to transition from married and a single family into divorced and a family that’s together yet living apart.

Tuesdays in the Teacher’s Lounge:  How teachers can communicate with students and adults in divorced families.